Sunken Condos Winner(s)!

Before scampering off to Vegas, Mikey sent two lucky winners their copies of Donald Fagen's Sunken Condos.

This Analog Planet contest's winners include Jeff L. of Daly City, California and Ron Atherton (pictured above) of Lake Elsinore, California , representing Northern and Southern California respectively. They should have a listening party together! A six hour drive is worth it to revel in the joy of being co-winners.

Jeff's prize might still be waiting for him at home. He was on vacation upon its arrival.

Atherton says, "Steely Dan's Aja was one of the first albums I bought." Since 1977, he's listened to it more than 100 times. Ron was fighting a bout with the flu when he received his copy of Sunken Condos. Seems like this record is the only pill he's going to need.

Thanks for participating fellas!

Jim Tavegia's picture

I always look forward to Donald Fagan's work. He always has an interesting take on our planet. Les musicians this time around.

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They should have a listening party together! A six hour drive is worth it to revel in the joy of being co-winners.

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The album was fascinating and will be in our heart forever.

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