Winners Galore! Rumer LP Sweepstakes +One

Back in July, Analog Planet held our biggest sweepstakes yet. We randomly selected twenty-five individual winners and sent each a carefully packed LP of Rumer’s Boys Don’t Cry. When Mikey reviewed this album, he was, "enthralled from beginning to end.” Did our winners feel the same?

Robert M. of Massapequa Park, New York digs it.

Chris W. of Kansas says Go Bruins.

This is Paul B. next to his Dahlquist DQ-10, which he’s owned since 1975, along with his Linn LP12, constantly upgraded, and a highly modified VPI HW-19. Paul hasn’t won anything since a Rocky and Bullwinkle Colorform set at the Saturday movies in the 1960s.

John C. likes the music.

Mike K. of Lubbock, TX says, “It sounds fantastic!”

The perfect pair! Greg E. and Sara Joyce (also known as Rumer).

Jason G. didn’t provide a picture. After officially cleaning and listening to the record, he was “repulsed by this record on every level.”

Who’s that? It’s Findog.

Jim Tavegia has been a loyal reader on Analog Planet since its inception, and you can also see him perusing the Stereophile message boards as well. Upon receiving his LP, he planned on listening through his headphone system: Yamaha CX-2 preamp, Yamaha P550/Shure M97 combo, and AKG 701s. He is a high school math teacher.

John C. files his Rumer record between Run D.M.C. and Roxy Music.

Marty T. is pumped!

Terry B. says, “Excellent record! Thank You!”

Tony G. is proud of his prize.

William S. gets a warm sound.

Peter R. was not able to send the image because he sent the LP to his brother. He didn’t like it.

Eric S. already won another sweeps. He doesn’t get a second picture.

Stephen D. says, “The album is nice and relaxing. The vinyl is very quiet.”

Robert H. listens after he washes dishes.

Leonardo stays classy.

Congratulations to all who participated!

Bonus Picture!

Carl S. of Covina, CA with the Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Force Gauge won in this sweepstakes from Needle Doctor in July.

Rick Tomaszewicz's picture

Are we all middle-aged guys?  Nobody else?

I asked a very serious audiophile if his wife shared his love for music, and his response was, "No, women like to talk."  Why then are so many of the people at any symphony concert middle-aged women?  Is it that they like music, but not the gear?  Is it that they prefer music in a social setting rather than as a lone pursuit in an electronic cave?

I'd really welcome any observations, particularly by women.

volvic's picture

Such a small world we vinyl junkies live in.  I recognize Paul B! Good man, sold me a VPI platter for my HW-19.  My wife loves vinyl and even surprised me the other day with the Elvis Costello/Roots album she ordered for me as a gift.  We were disappointed that the MP3 download (yes, I know yuck) had expired, but fret not I said, we will buy a NAD phono preamp with a USB out so we can transfer the music on to our music server.  She loved the idea.  Yes ! the wife loves music, proper gear and vinyl as well.  

Stu Morgenstern's picture

If I play Grateful Dead or Getz Gilberto. But she always asks "does it have to be so loud?"

Numanoid's picture

Geez, you guys look like every record show I've ever been to!

Congratulations on winning!

JC1957's picture

With this record. The wife and I both love it!

Thanks for the LP!

volvic's picture

She always says "too loud, too loud".  

madoco's picture

To all CONGRATS !!!!!!!!

jjgr's picture

I'll send my freshly cleaned copy to the first registered user to reply to this message with their name and address.  Maybe my loss is your gain.  Cheers, - "Jason G."

Wilson Lem's picture

Hi Jason G,

I'll take you up on your offer for the free album!


Wilson Lem

Wilson Lem's picture

I can send you my address by email (



jjgr's picture