A "Wrap It Up I'll Take It" System from Reed, Accuphase and Franco Serblin

Axxis Audio displayed a "wrap it up I'll take it home" system featuring the Reed Muse 3C turntable and Reed arm(s), Accuphase E270 retro-receiver with phono card, and Franco Serblin Lignea speakers.

The entire system including two tone arms comes in under $30,000 (please forgive my respiratory distress).

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Loved it!

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Jeff Brown from Positive Feedback, Mike. We met at last year's AXPONA show. Great report. This really is lovely stuff, and priced very aggressively. Get well soon! AXPONA 2017 is right around the corner.

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The Accuphase is the very definition of classic style and more than adequate performance in an Integrated Amplifier should be.

Style is back in style and if there is a price to be paid for classic good looks and I can afford to do so, this would be my druthers...

For those too young to know and appreciate it, that was an homage of sorts to "Lil Abner".

I also like the speakers but not so much the 'table. Too much Deco not enough Art.


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That might be the most beautiful turntable I have seen this year. Stu-nning. Also, the love the look of the Accuphase gear, have this and it's all you will ever need.

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Interesting that this $30,000 system's cost is comprised of 1/6th on the amplification, 1/6th on the speakers, and 2/3rds on the turntable setup. $5000 each is a very reasonable amount to spend on amplification and speakers, pieces that could probably be put into almost any good mid-level system. It's the turntable at $20,000 that seems a bit out of balance, but I'm not an expert on these things.

I can say that the speaker design, visually speaking, is stunning.