Delos Cartridge Winner Announced

And the winner of the Lyra Delos cartridge sweepstakes is: (drum roll) Seth Mattison.

Poor Seth. You can see unhappiness written all over his face.

Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck in the upcoming sweeps!

AndyPrice44's picture

Congrats to you seth.  I am a bit jealous of your luck right now. Hope you enjoy it.

myheroiscoltrane's picture

Maybe it's time to go out and buy a new 'table for that bad boy, eh?

Jim Tavegia's picture

I know you will be enjoying your vinyl collection more with that great cart. 

Tubemaniac's picture

I just installed a Delos on my Ittok II/Linn LP 12.  It rides real close to the record surface so be prepared to watch it for dust sniglett collection.  It replaced a Benz Micro Glider.  It is much more detailed even with less than 10 hours on the cart than the BENZ.  Waiting for it to get even better.  

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.