Calling All Selfies!

This July will mark my 25th anniversary at Stereophile and my 300th Analog Corner column. Whew! Over the years readers (and viewers) from all over the world have come up to me and requested more "selfies" than I ever imagined anyone might want from an audio reviewer.

Only a few of the photos at the top are "selfies" for obvious reasons. If you happen to have a "selfie" with me, could you email it to If enough show up I'll forward them to the magazine and perhaps they'll produce a page of them for the July issue. Thanks!

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Mikey, I have noticed you are posting almost daily now probably from your own self imposed Isolation and I must say it is wonderful to see your posts as they bring about a sense of normality in these very difficult times for us all.

I look forward to these posts as they take me away from the surreal and quickly developing nightmare that seems to be all around us. In the end we all just have to keep carrying on and hope for the best and your site and articles will help keep our spirits up.

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I love all the interview and hope you will keep them coming. I would love to hear how your bride tolerates YOUR hobby/business? If she wanted a $200K dishwasher there would be many questions asked. lol But a turntable, that is an necessity.

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My 'bride' is a cellist. I am male and I do the dishes at home - by hand. I live in the 21st century, not in de middle ages.

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Who is living in "de middle ages"?

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I may be the only person with the ability to spend an entire day with you (back in 2016 at a show) and a good couple of hours in 2017 again and not have a selfie or any picture. Of course, I may also be the only person without a smart phone for such activity. The time spent and exchange of info and learning is more important to me anyway.

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That's Awesome! You have helped a lot of people in all those years return from the Dark Side of cd spinning & return to Vinyl who couldn't figure it out why things just didn't sound right like it did in the early days.

Good Job & well done!
A large part of the return to Vinyl is no doubt in part because of your decades of knowing what was right with audio and what was not and pushing for the 12" to return.

The dark side has left us but Vinyl has returned to the top!

{Michael Vinyl has returned with the the exception of your 70's vinyl underpant's.........really need to get rid of those!

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I've crossed paths with you at AXPONA but seriously didn't think getting a photo with you was a good use of your/our time. That show's grown so big that I can rarely spare a moment to stop and chat and still hope to get everything in.

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Congratulations, 25 years is a long way, it seems you have tried very hard in this job, your selfies are full of memories. I often search on Google for good songs, but places that sell vinyl records and cassette tapes to collect